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Importance of Night Creams

  • 2 min read

Night creams are a little underestimated. The reason is not having proper knowledge of the product. This “beauty sleep” product is one of the powerful skincare products which works when you are lost in dreams. 

Unlike regular moisturizers,night creams are thicker in consistency and tend to have a higher concentration of ingredients that enhance cell hydration, circulation, and cell turnover. The night cream not only keeps your skin hydrated but also repairs and rejuvenates your skin by amplifying cell turnover. 

While daytime moisturizers protect your skin from pollution, dryness, cold, heat, and UV rays. Night creams focus on repairing and renewing your skin. These boost collagen production and fight against free-radicals while you sleep. 

How Should You Apply Night Cream?

First, you need to properly cleanse your skin before you hit the bed. After cleansing, toning and applying a serum, take a 10 pence size scoop of night cream on your palms and massage it on your face in upward, circular motions. 

What Are the Skin Roles During the Day VS Night?

Our skin functions differently during the day and at night. During the day, it protects us from the external environment including pollution, sun, wind, makeup, and so forth. In short, the skin acts as a barrier or a shield during the day. 

At night, the skin is in regeneration mode and boosts the renewal and repair of cells. While we are asleep, our skin automatically switches to regeneration mode. As external aggressions are minimal, the skin becomes more permeable which allows the cream to penetrate deep into the skin. 

How to Choose the Perfect Night Cream?

Based on our age, we opt for different night creams that suit our skin needs. 

In the twenties when you are most affected by external aggressions, you need a moisturizing night cream that repairs your skin from sun damage and lack of sleep.

On the other hand, in your forties, you need a night cream that can ward off wrinkles and slow down your aging. Also, it should refine your skin texture and restore radiance to your skin. 

To put it in simpler words; mature skin needs anti-aging night cream to boost hydration and stimulate collagen production. On the contrary, a younger person requires only a moisturising effect. 

What Does Our Night Cream Offer?

Our night cream is formulated with unique active ingredients that are meant for anti-aging and moisturising effects. We have chosen our elements keeping your skin needs in mind. Our night cream acts for every age group to restore skin texture and fulfill your skin demands. 

The night cream is lightly fragranced with natural ingredients that moisturize, soothe, and boosts collagen and elastin fiber production. The new non-greasy formula leaves your skin feeling fresh without any sticky residue. 

Lightly fragranced, it moisturises, soothes, and boosts collagen as well as elastin fiber production processes. It is non-greasy and does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

The result is renewed, repaired, moisturized, and healthy-looking skin with a clearer complexion.

Get our night cream exclusivelyhere and give your skin a fresh appeal.