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Improve Athletic Performance (And Four Other Benefits of Acacia Honey)

  • 2 min read

Honey isn’t just something sweet that you can add to a cup of tea or use to sweeten up a tasty meal. There are various types of honey that have proven health benefits.

Such is the case with our Acacia Honey. Hailing from Romania, this honey has been used since 1,000BC to help with a number of ailments and issues. It’s imbued with a host of natural properties that make it an essential addition to your diet and daily routine.

So, what’s so great about it? We’re going to look at five benefits of Acacia Honey.

It Improves Athletic Performance

Whether you’re going to the gym or competing in a race, you need your body to perform at peak capacity. Athletes use all sorts of products to help them to improve their performance.

Acacia Honey should be one of them. And you can look back to the ancient days to see why. The Ancient Greeks used to eat honey to maintain their performance levels. Modern studies have shown that honey can help to maintain glycogen levels and can even improve recovery time after an athletic performance.

It’s Great for Your Skin

We bet you’ve never thought about applying Acacia Honey topically on your skin.

But it’s actually great for combating the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles. That’s because Acacia Honey comes loaded with an array of vitamins, as well as containing iron, copper, zinc, and other minerals that your body needs. The antioxidant effect of the honey only helps with this skincare.

It Can Soothe Burns

Again, we’re looking at a way to use Acacia Honey topically instead of eating it.

If you spread a little bit of the honey over a burn, you’ll find that it has a soothing effect. The inflammation will decrease, as will the swelling that surrounds the burn. Of course, this is only effective for minor burns that you’d just run under cold water.

This anti-inflammatory property can also benefit you when you eat the honey. Consume a spoonful or two if you’re suffering from heartburn or other inflammatory conditions. You’ll find that the honey goes a long way towards relieving the pain you experience.

Acacia Honey Gives Your Immune System a Boost

Did you know that all types of honey contain hydrogen peroxide as a naturally occurring ingredient?

Hydrogen peroxide is actually a power anti-bacterial chemical that can have a beneficial effect on your immune system. Of course, we’re only talking about the naturally occurring form in the very low doses that you find in the honey. But Acacia Honey can relieve the burden that your immune system faces by helping it to combat bacteria.

It’s Great for Weight Loss

Do you want to lose weight, but your sweet tooth keeps leading you towards foods that you shouldn’t eat?

Try popping a little Acacia Honey into some milk or water. You get a little bit of sweetness that steers you away from really unhealthy foods.

Acacia Honey is just one of the many beneficial products that we offer at Jubbas. Check it out to learn more.