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Must-Know Health Benefits of Miswak

  • 2 min read

Many cutting-edge toothpaste formulations promise to assist you with oral hygiene. However, some natural roots and herbs, like miswak, are nature’s best way to strengthen your teeth and gums.

Predominant in Arabic, African, and Asian cultures, Miswak is now gaining popularity in Western countries. 

Miswak sticks, made from the Salvadora persica tree stems and called 'arak' in Arabic, are also known as chewing sticks. Used for oral cleansing, they are well recognised to be just as effective as a toothbrush in this regard, if not more so. The miswak twig is a toothbrush with a natural cleaning agent.

Islam and Hadith are aware of miswak benefits. Therefore, Muslims undertake the purification process of ablution before each of the five prayers they offer daily. The usage of miswak is a religious practice that promotes our spiritual well-being and goes beyond simple hygiene.

Although miswak is not a requirement for Muslims, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did advise its use:

  • before feasting 
  • when your breath emits a foul smell
  • before teaching, practising or studying the values of Islam 
  • whenever cravings for food or drink 
  • before intercourse

3 Health Benefits of Miswak

Fights Gum Disease

Bacteria in your mouth can stick to your gums and produce acids that can damage the gums covering your teeth. It can lead to gum diseases.

Miswak fights this bacterial plaque build-up by wiping away any excess food particles and other debris that can cause problems in your mouth. It also helps strengthen weakened gums by making them less likely to become infected with bacteria or decay during eating or brushing.

Reduces Bad Breath

Another benefit of using Miswak is that it prevents bad breath. If you don't wash your mouth properly after eating something sour, the bacteria can get stuck and cause bad breath. Miswak can help remove these bacteria from your teeth, preventing them from causing bad breath.

When you use miswak, it scrapes away these bacteria so they cannot get started as soon as they would otherwise. It can reduce halitosis (bad breath) in a few minutes after you have finished chewing on your twig.

Prevents Tooth Decay and Cavity

Sugar is a common ingredient in many foods, which causes tooth damage and cavities. Miswak, fortunately, aids in fighting both.

It encourages salivation, which prevents acid build-up, removes harmful germs, and gives your tooth time to heal. The minerals it contains aid in the teeth's defence against decay.

Additionally, the presence of calcium, chloride and sodium bicarbonate in miswak strengthens tooth enamel and helps to prevent cavities.

The dental benefits of miswak are due to its antibacterial properties, which kill bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities. Miswak also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help to reduce tooth decay. 

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