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The Benefits of Bakhoor

  • 2 min read

Here at Jubbas, we offer an array of products alongside our many fashion lines that will benefit you physically, mentally, and spiritually. Among those products is Bakhoor. Often sold as either incense or in block form, Bakhoor offers a pathway to wellness on all fronts.

Bakhoor makes uses or a range of natural ingredients, with Oud, or Agarwood, being among the most prominent in most cases. Bakhoor has been a part of Islamic ritual for centuries, but it offers an array of benefits, not all of which are related to spirituality.

Calming The Mind

Many of us are held back by feelings of fear or stresses that weigh down heavily on us. The fragrances that Bakhoor emits help to calm your mind and soothe these feelings. You will often find that a few minutes of sitting in an atmosphere enlightened by Bakhoor can go a long way towards helping you get your mind in order. As such, it is great for helping you to confront life’s problems and come up with suitable solutions.

Harmony and Balance

When you feel out of balance you find that your life becomes chaotic. You can’t get a handle on your emotions. You may even find that your home environment falls out of balance, contributing to the issue. Bakhoor is a solution for many. Again, it comes down to Bakhoor’s ability to calm the mind. It helps you to take a step back and get your life in order. In doing so, it allows for a more prosperous and healthy existence.

Inspiring Creativity

Many look to Bakhoor as a means to inspire themselves and get in touch with their creative sides. A lot of people use it alongside activities that are designed to free the mind and allow it to explore its creative depths. For example, Bakhoor is great for use alongside meditation. It helps you achieve the mindset needed to make the most out of the activity. Many also find its relaxing nature to be ideal for other creative endeavours, such as writing or creating art.

Creating a Link to God

It is said that the smoke from Bakhoor carries with it the prayers that you make to God. That is why Bakhoor has been such a popular fixture in so many Islamic households for centuries. Bakhoor opens the door to an increased spiritual awareness and helps you to communicate with God openly. That is one of the many reasons why Islamic families have traditional burned Bakhoor on Thursdays, which is often seen as the holiest of the weekdays in the Muslim faith.

The Medical Benefits

What about the physical benefits of Bakhoor that we mentioned at the top of the article. There are plenty. Beyond helping you achieve mental and spiritual clarity, Bakhoor can help with a number of minor physical ailments. It is a diuretic and it has antimicrobial properties. Many who struggle with breathing problems, such as asthma, find that Bakhoor can relieve them symptoms and help them to breathe more comfortably. Beyond that, those with epilepsy often experience a similar soothing of their symptoms when using Bakhoor.