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The Benefits of Children’s Board Games

  • 2 min read

At Jubbas, we offer a range of children’s board games, many of which are focused on learning. From the alphabet to the Quran, our board games cover a range of subjects, helping you to teach your children while having fun with them.

But it’s not just the direct educational value that makes board games so beneficial for children. Here are some great advantages of sitting down and playing some games with your kids.

They Inspire Laughter

Few things are as good at inspiring spontaneous laughter as a good board game. Anything that gets players up and acting out scenes, in particular, can raise smiles and keep all of the players in good spirits.

While we all love to laugh, there’s actually a scientific benefit here too. Laughter releases endorphins in your brain, which regulate your mood. After playing a board game, you and your children will usually feel happier than you did when you started playing.

Getting Together With the Family

In our technological world, it can often feel like it’s difficult to bring the family together. Your kids may prefer to spend time on their tablets or videogames consoles, rather than spend time with you.

With board games, you can bring the entire family together to share in play time. You’ll strengthen your bonds with your family members, and you’ll help your children develop important skills in the process.

Improving Cognitive Health

One of the main benefits of board games is that they cause players to engage their mental faculties constantly while playing. You may need to remember important facts, or develop a winning strategy.

All of this improves your cognitive health, giving your memory greater capacity. Furthermore, adults can benefit from playing board games too. These cognitive benefits extend so far that some scientists believe that playing board games can help to stave off mental conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The Social Aspect

Children start developing their social skills at an early age, so anything that you can do to encourage this development is beneficial. Board games offer your child the chance to share something fun with their friends.

Many board games ask people to split into teams, which means your kids have to work together if they’re going to win the game. Furthermore, the competitive aspect of board games teaches your child about winning and losing. With your guidance, your children will learn how to accept defeat graciously, and how to win without making others feel bad.

They’re Fun

Most of all, a good board game will be fun to play. This is important because a lot of kids won’t play a game that focuses purely on the educational aspects of play.

Board games offer your children new challenges, wrapped in a setting that encourages them to learn while enjoying themselves. Ideally, the game will also change each time it’s played, which ensures your children don’t lose interest in it once they’ve figured out the rules.

So there you have it, five great benefits of children’s board games. Please head to our children’s board games page if you want to find out what Jubbas has to offer.