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The Benefits of Our Velvet Wood Beard Oil

  • 3 min read

We’ve spoken about the beard oils that we sell at Jubbas in the past. In that post, we looked at tips for applying it. But what if you don’t know why you’d want a bottle of our Velvet Wood Beard Oil in the first place.

That’s where this article comes in.

We’re going to take a look at the reasons why your beard needs some oil.

Reason #1 – A Gorgeous Fragrance

Think about this for a moment. You shampoo your hair on a regular basis. When you come out of the bath or shower, the wonderful smell emanating from your hair is one of the first things that people notice.

So, why aren’t you giving your beard the same luxury treatment?

Our Velvet Wood Beard Oil gives your beard a pleasant aroma that’s always a joy to experience when it wafts up to your nose. It also gives you a chance to add some fragrance to your face when your beard prevents you from using cologne.

Reason #2 – It Tackles Dry Skin and Itching

As great as a big and bushy beard may be, it does come with its problems. Chief among them is that you can’t get to the skin that lies beneath the beard. That’s a problem if you have dry skin. Regular moisturiser can’t penetrate the hair, so you may end up with itchy and flaky skin that makes you want to shave the beard off.

Beard oil doesn’t just replenish the beard hair itself. It also has a nourishing effect on the hair follicles, which are usually the main cause of your itching. Let it soak in and do its work to get some sweet relief.

By the way, beard oil can also help you to get rid of any pesky dandruff that starts appearing in your beard.

Reason #3 – It Tames Your Beard

As much as we’d all love to have a perfect beard without the need for grooming, the fact is that beard hair gets a bit scraggly when it grows long.

It can leave your face looking like a mess if you don’t do anything about it.

A trim always helps. But if you want a long beard, you’ll need beard oil to help you tame it. The oil softens your beard hair and makes it much easier to manage. Use it with a good beard comb and you’ll be able to coax those stray hairs back into place.

Reason #4 – Your Partner Will Love It

Let’s face it. Plenty of people are a little wary about beards. If you’re not doing anything to maintain your beard and make it more appealing, your partner may one day decide that you need to get rid of it.

You don’t want that to happen!

Using beard oil shows that you’re willing to apply a little TLC to your facial fluff. You’ll keep it under control and smelling nice, which may convince your partner to let you keep it.

The Final Word

Our Velvet Wood Beard Oil offers all of these benefits and so much more. Tame your beard and leave it smelling delightful with regular applications.

This isn’t the only beard oil that we have to offer either. Head to our online store today to find the fragrance that matches your tastes.