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Bamboo Ihraam

Best quality Bamboo Ihram to our esteemed customers with years of experience in the sector ... With our customer satisfaction focused vision, we make production at home and abroad without sacrificing quality ... Our products are manufactured by %80 Bamboo and %20 pure cotton yarn and approved by Turkish Standard Institution

Why bamboo ihram is better?

Bamboo is an extremely resilient and durable fibre. At the same time it can feel beautifully soft and pleasant to the touch. When compared in studies to cotton and polyester, it has been found to be stronger, have better moisture wicking properties and better moisture absorption than the more commonplace Western materials. When bamboo fabric is used in clothing it is:

The benefits are instant! Over other leading fabrics bamboo clothing is instantly recognisable in terms of comfort and feel. The high thread count is key to this and allows the wearer maximum comfort.

Bamboo ihram is Soft, silky and luxurious to the touch -Envelop yourself in truly unparalleled comfort.

Bamboo Ihram is Hypoallergenic -The eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin. Gentler than many manmade fibres, bamboo is a natural solution for those with sensitive skin.

Bamboo Ihram is Breathable and thermo-regulating -Stay comfortable whatever the weather; keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Bamboo Ihram is More absorbent than cotton -Helps to wick moisture away from the skin.

Bamboo Ihram is UV protective -Protect you and your loved ones from the sun’s rays in comfort.

Bamboo Ihram is Biodegradable -A greener material that will simply return to the Earth

  1. Super Soft: Bamboo is to cotton what cashmere is to wool – a more soft and luxurious feel.
  2. Antibacterial: Bacteria do not live well in bamboo fabric. So it doesn’t get smelly even after many days.
  3. UV Protection: Bamboo fabric cuts out 97.5% of harmful UV rays, so perfect for holiday/travelling cover-ups.
  4. Kind to Skin: For allergy prone skin, bamboo fabric is perfect. It’s anti-static and sits well next to your skin.
  5. Moisture Wicking: Bamboo fabric absorbs moisture away from your skin, keeping you drier.
  6. Thermo-Control: Bamboo fabric is warm, thanks to its hollow microfibre (like wood), yet is also breathable. Performance in all temperatures.

Bamboo ihram is great for the environment too…

Bamboo Ihram is a highly sustainable plant and is becoming an increasingly alternative to cotton, not only because of its amazing properties which are kind to you.

Grows: Bamboo is the est growing plant in the world, so yields more often from the same plot.
Greater Yield: Bamboo yields the same volume as cotton from 10% of the land area.
Grows Naturally:Bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers.
Biodegradable: 100% Bamboo Ihram is 100% biodegradable.
Not Thirsty: Bamboo only needs rain water to grow. Very little, if any, additional water is ever required.
Soil Sustainability: As a grass, bamboo is cut not uprooted, so is good for soil – particularly as it can grow on slopes not viable for other crops.

    Speacialfeatures of Bamboo Ihram

    • Do Not Sweat
    • Water and sweat absorbing feature
    • 100% Hydrophilic
    • White and hygienic
    • Unique without stitches
    • There is no human health effect material
    • Size:110 x 220cm

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