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Hijabs Gain Popularity As More Designers Take Note

  • 2 min read

The hijab has been always been a mainstay of Islamic fashion. At Jubbas, we offer several styles for you to choose from.

The item has also caused controversy in the mainstream fashion world for various reasons. However, a lot of mainstream designers have started to embrace the hijab in more recent times. There are several reasons for this and they extend beyond the continued acceptance of Islamic – or “modest” – fashion in Western society.

The Movement

Those who are paying attention will notice that an increasing trend of acceptance towards the hijab is taking place in mainstream fashion and society as general. Many sports companies, including Nike, now offer their own lines of hijab for athletes. We have seen these in action at various sporting events and they are likely to grow more popular as other sports brands jump on the bandwagon.

The garment has also been making appearances at a lot of mainstream fashion shows. Most recently, the hijabs from various designers caused a stir at Torino Fashion Week. Even the largest fashion shows have seen an influx of Islamic clothing in recent years.

This has coincided with an increase in visibility for the hijab in mainstream advertising. It is not uncommon to see women wearing the garment on billboards and in other media. Major retailers, including Gap and H&M, have already created adverts geared towards young Muslim women that feature hijabs prominently.

Better yet, acceptance of the hijab has entered other areas. Take your smartphone, for example. If you have an iPhone, you will soon be able to select an emoji that features a woman wearing a hijab. Apple has already previewed the emoji, among 11 others, and it is expected to launch towards the end of 2017.

That last one may seem minor, but it is another small step. The hijab is becoming normal in mainstream culture. With that, many people outside of the Islamic faith have begun to understand and respect the garment more.

The Money

Of course, it’s not all about cultural acceptance of the hijab. As with most things in life, money is a driving factor. The fact is that most of these mainstream companies would be less likely to accept the hijab if there was no money to be made.

The fact is that there is a large market for hijabs, especially among young Muslim women. The hijab is now as much of a fashion statement as it is a cultural one, which is why so many mainstream companies are moving towards incorporating them into their offerings.

The Potential Danger

The pursuit of money always presents a danger, too. While growing acceptance of the hijab is very important, it must not come at the cost of losing sight of the garment’s importance in Islamic culture.

That means we will see something of a balancing act as hijabs become more widespread in the Western world. Acceptance will grow as more companies offer them. However, said companies also have a responsibility to foster that acceptance with information, rather than only offering hijabs as a way to improve their bottom lines.