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Stay in Vogue - Upgrade the Appeal of Your Wardrobe with These Refreshing Colors

  • 3 min read

It is always best to look your best, and nothing refreshes your style as much as a wardrobe upgrade!

Most of us have a handful of wardrobe staples - a few jeans, neutral-toned tops, abayas, and classic white and black dresses to count on. They look fabulous undoubtedly, but your wardrobe feels a bit bland after some time. Hence, when you upgrade your wardrobe, playing with the colours of your outfits can bring a new life to it. 

Whether your aspiring style is vintage chic or boho babe, we have a refreshing modest dressing colour palette designed for you. Let's discover what colours work best for your outfit essentials this season. 

Top 5 Refreshing Colours to Add to Your Wardrobe This Season

Oyster Pink

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Oyster Pink is a refreshing colour to add to your wardrobe. This girly hue is a muted shade of pink. It is trendy, stylish, and above all, lends a calming effect to your look with its soft tone. It works well for both day and night and workwear and casual wear.

The muted tone of oyster pink makes it easy to pair with other colours like light grey or lilac. So you can easily create a look that is both fashion-forward and comfortable.

Powder Blue

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This fresh and mild shade of blue colour is best suited for women who love pastel shades. Powder blue is a pale shade of blue that looks extremely soothing and gives you an elegant look. You can pair a powder blue blouse with dark denim or try out a plain powder blue box shirt set this summer. 

The powder blue colour attire will make you look lively, radiant, and appealing. Add a fresh breath to your wardrobe with this beauty!

Vintage Rose

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This champagne rose colour with a slight hint of pink can make you look more feminine, especially when paired with neutral colours, like grey, white or black. It looks fine on almost everyone, especially those with wheatish or dusky skin tones. This shade is best suited for summers when you want to keep yourself chill and breezy. 

Trust us - you can wear it on any occasion and never go wrong! 


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Do not hesitate to add some khaki pieces to your wardrobe this season. Many people avoid this warm and soothing colour due to its dull appearance. However, when paired with the right colours, it can give you an appealing look. 

Pair a khaki shirt with black pants and be a head-turner. You can even mix and match a few light shades like white or grey to balance the colours. 

Camel Colour

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Camel colour is a subtle shade that has taken over the market. It complements every skin tone and suits all types of body shapes. Whether it is a long dress or a simple shirt, the camel colour looks good on almost everything. If you do not want to go for bright colours this season, camel is an excellent choice for you. Since it has a neutral tone, you can wear it in both professional and casual environments. 

Experimenting with the colours opens up doors to the heart of the fashion world. Do not shy away from it and give your collection that extra edge with the offbeat colours. 

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